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Wildlife taken in their natural environments.
Coyote in Yellowstone National Park, WyomingWestern Meadlark - Camas National Wildlife Refuge - IdahoCanadian Good flying in front of a full moonBluebird on a Post near Gros Venture CampgroundBarred Owl - Boise, IdahoNorthern Hawk Owl - Bellevue, IdahoHummingbird - IdahoCassin Finch - Victor, IdahoWhite Egret - Market Lake Wildlife Refuge - Idaho Falls, IdahoGreat Blue Heron flying over Lake Coeur d'AleneWaxwing perched in a treePair of Loons floating on pond near Idaho Falls, IdahoGreat Gray Owl perched in tree near Jackson, WyomingMale Wood Duck swimming in Pond near Boise, IdahoEagle perched on Ice at Farminton Bay, UtahClose up of a Juvenille Great Horned Owl at Market Lake Management AreaClose up of a Juvenile Great Horned OwlShort Eared Owl in Flight at Market LakeFluffy Juvenile Great Horned OwlBelted Kingfisher perched on a post in the Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming